As you stand anywhere on northern coast of the city of Havana on the seaside avenue that wraps itself around the city and you look across the Bay of Havana, your eye will be pulled toward the colossal sculpture of the Christ of Havana in the municipality of Regla. Although the huge sculpture has only stood on this hill since 1958, it was a 16th century settlement that gave way to Regla, the remarkable center for Afro-Cuban religions as it was the main incoming point for the African slave trade and is, to this day, a major gathering site for the adherents and practitioners of Santeria. The iconic lighthouse and the fortress that has guarded the Port of Havana since the 17th century are also very familiar landmarks in Regla which is also home to the town of Casablanca.  Most locals who live and/or work in portside municipality, travel across the harbor on a pedestrian ferry boat which crosses to the landings in Regla and Casablanca all day long at 10 minute intervals.  Wherever you stand in Regla, across the dramatic harbor, the views of Havana are breathtaking as you look out over a skyline that takes you through six centuries of architecture.


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