Sierra del Escambray

The Escambray Mountain Range, second only to the Sierra Maestra in height, lies within three central provinces of Cuba, with some of its most spectacular features and national parks within Sancti Spiritu.  At 2600 feet above sea level, the highest peaks and deepest forests of the untouched landscape are protected under one of these preserves -  Topes de Collantes National Park - covering nearly 31,000 acres.  In this very unique tropical ecosystem, the giant 40 meter tall pines, eucalyptus, mahogany and magnolia, coupled with ferns, orchids and lichens make for a wondrous tropical  forest right in the middle of Cuba.  There is a wide range of activity for the nature lover throughout the Sierra del  Escambray. Amidst the spectacular scenery, there are hiking trails and waterfalls that appeal to nature lovers, bird watchers and highly-trained hikers alike.