Cienfuegos Province

Cienfuegos was the smallest of Cuba’s Provinces. In 2011, a redistribution of boundaries made Havana and Isla de La Juventud smaller by definition.  Don’t let the size of this province fool you; it is  abundant with history, culture and some of the most exciting natural reserves and protected areas in all of Cuba.  Although the economy has always been entirely dedicated to the growing and processing of sugar, the untouched landscape of the mountains offer spectacularly appealing scenery with waterfalls, and protected areas of great value for Cuban botanists, zoologists and ecologists. Cienfuegos is home  to the Archipelago de los Canarreos, a geological formation of roughly 350 islets teaming with marine life and the home to some of Cuba’s most important efforts in conservation and protection of natural resources. There are over 50 dive sites in the province.  And the city of Cienfuegos is an impressive port city that was once the center for the sugar cane, mango, tobacco and coffee production and trade in the Caribbean.