Religious Tours

For many years, we have partnered with religious institutions from Greek Orthodox to Jewish and many more, offering  enlightening and historic journeys through the colorful and  diverse reality of religion in Cuba. From its prehistoric origins through, to the ethno-centric practice of Santeria, to  the recent revival of Catholicism and Judaism, Cuba has always been a religious melting pot and religions have been practiced vehemently, however under cover, for centuries. We can help your synagogue, church, community group, school or religious organization plan outstanding tours  to experience and interact with the religious communities and delve into their unique  histories.

Jewish Havana with Ruth Behar (2010 - 2016)

Ruth Behar is a Cuban-Jewish-American cultural anthropologist and writer, who has worked to create bridges to Cuba for the last twenty-four years. She is the editor of the pioneering anthology, Bridges to Cuba, and author of An Island Called Home and Traveling Heavy.  The tours focus on Havana’s Jewish community, including visits to the most important synagogues, community centers, and other Jewish community sites as well as a full program of art, architecture, music and other cultural highlights of Havana.  Ms. Behar has also joined us in planning group tours for the MacArthur Foundation and the Jefferson Institute