A new vision for Cuba travel

Cuba Tours and Travel was founded in 1999 by a couple of Cuban guys in California.  They weren’t just any Cuban guys, though; they two Cuban-Americans who were best friends, with long standing relationships with the island’s cultural institutions and artists, and a deeply-rooted love and respect for their Cuban heritage. Coupled with a desire to be in Cuba as much as possible and to share the plethora of amazing human and cultural experiences with their US colleagues and friends, Cuba Tours and Travel was born and flourished.  In 2014, we moved our operations to Miami to be closer to Cuba and offer more personalized service to our travelers out of Miami International Airport where each and every group is met by a Cuba travel expert from our company for a pre-trip orientation.

Licensed by the US Dept. of the Treasury since 2004, to provide outstanding Cuba travel to US-based arts, music, conservation and philanthropic institutions, the family grew in both the US and Cuba.  Pioneers and consistent producers of unprecedented destination events and tours, the Cuba Tours and Travel family is uniquely prepared to take Cuba travel to this new and exciting era.  Our expertise, longevity, familiarity with Cuba, along with having been an integral participant in the growth of American tourism in Cuba, guarantees your Cuba experience to the trip of a lifetime and probably the first of many!  

The Cuba Tours and Travel family is uniquely suited to design your group tour because we are not only Cuban, we are also American.  We have all had the experience of being professionals in our respective fields in the USA and understand both countries and both cultures better than anybody. Our founders and our director of Marketing all grew up and were educated in the US.   We pride ourselves in bringing our collaborators and guests into the fold and sharing Cuba’s warm and loving embrace with them, and we do it from a US perspective with all the experience gained from a bi-cultural upbringing.  The family extends to our Cuba-based team -- all fluent in English and trained to the highest level of professionalism, they are our boots on the ground. The American traveler to Cuba now experience Cuba in a whole new way -- up close and personal -- having an authentic Cuban experience off of the beaten path of the guided tour.  You have a chance to “live like a Cuban” and see Cuba through their eyes in our specially designed tours. Ride an “almendron”, walk the “malecon”, stroll the galleries of Old Havana and meet the people.  With us, your Cuba experience will exceed your expectations and be the trip of a lifetime for your group.

As a company and family we have proven, against all odds, that we CAN go home again -- and bring our friends with the primary goal of making it their home away from home that they will love and yearn for as much as a native.


Welcome to Cuba Tours and Travel Cubal!

We are Cuban and American -- and we are your Cuba travel specialists