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Live Like a Cuban!

You can’t really claim to have done a People to People tour, without actually being with the people and walking in the people’s shoes.  Cubans love their country and enjoy it, even with the economic limitations many face daily.  They stroll the iconic promenades and malecon; they play in the parks with their children; go to work each day; shop for dinner; run errands and enjoy their leisure time in what most of them know is one of the most spectacular cities in the world -- timeworn and decayed from the battering of salt air for centuries, Havana still breeds pride in its residents and they enjoy what the city offers on very simple level.  The light, the air, the sounds and the sea -- take the time to live like a Cuban and be an honorary “Habanero”.  You’ll see Cuba through different eyes and only then, know her real enchantment.


La Rampa - Havana’s most popular corner

Hang out on the Malecon

G y 13 (teenager scene)

Farmer’s Markets at 19 y B

“Pasear La Habana Vieja” - Stroll Old Havana

Lanchita de Regla - Ferry across the Bay

Almendrones - Antique Cars

Camello - Public Bus

The Mall at Carlos III

Romantic stroll on the Paseo del Prado

Parque John Lennon

Corner Pizzas

Cajitas - take-out from home cooks

Play Dominoes with locals

Casa de la Musica

Esquina Caliente  - Parque Central - discuss baseball with the locals


Jardines de la Tropical

El Sauce

Go to the Movies