Places - Cuba's Western Region

Hotel Nacional de Cuba-Havana

Prior to 1959, Cuba was a favorite destination for the “mob”.  A Havana “Mafia Tour”, designed and guided by an expert on the subject,  will trace the antics of Meyer Lansky, financier for the Hotel Riviera. You’ll visit Hotel Sevilla that housed one of Al Capone’s favorite casinos and the Hotel Capri, financed by Hyman Roth and owned by the mob boss Santo Traficante, which was also the fictional location for the scene from The Godfather. No Mafia Tour would be complete without a visit to Havana’s iconic Hotel Nacional. The Hotel was the favorite hotel of the era, founded in 1924 and located high on a coral rock bluff looking out over the Caribbean and the opening of Havana Harbor.  A cocktail before lunch on the natural coral terrace of the Hotel Nacional will make for a perfect aperitif.