Places - Cuba's Western Region

Ferry Ride-Havana

When driving or strolling along Havana’s “malecon”, the coastal avenue that hugs the city of Havana along its majestic port and iconic sea, you have a constant view of the iconic lighthouse that stands proud atop a cliff guarding Havana’s spectacular natural harbor.  The lighthouse stands on the end of a promontory strongly fortified with huge walls and battlements built by the Spanish Conquistadors to defend the city against pirates and bounty seekers.  The town of Casa Blanca sits at the end of the promontory, across the harbor from La Habana Vieja, and home to the famous statue of Christ, the Blanco Cristo.  From the ferry landing on the portside of Old Havana, you will board the ferry and enjoy the views for the 10-minute crossing to Casa Blanca.  There, you can climb the hill to the Christ statue and take in the panorama of Havana’s majestic skyline.