Places - Cuba's Western Region

El Aljibe-Havana

The nearly 69-year old secret chicken recipe developed in the 1940s has drawn the likes of Jack Nicholson, Matt Dillon and former President Jimmy Carter.  El Aljibe is one of the busiest restaurants in Havana, especially during lunchtime and is run by Sergio Garcia Macias who, with his brother Pepe, opened their first restaurant in 1947.  Named Rancho Luna, located in the countryside west of Havana, El Aljibe’s predecessor closed down in the early 1960s.  When asked to help revive Rancho Luna in the 1990’s, Sergio agreed to open it under a new name, El Aljibe, and at a new location in the city’s busy Playa neighborhood.  Here you will enjoy delicious Cuban creole cuisine in a country-like setting where you simply must have the world-famous chicken.