Places - Cuba's Western Region

Conjunto Folclórico-Havana

Cuba’s world renowned National Folkloric Ensemble was founded in 1962 with the mission of rescuing and revitalizing Cuba’s musical and dance roots for the purpose of showcasing these expressions with true artistic authenticity and recreating them to adhere to the most contemporary of theatrical techniques and production value, while staying true to the folkloric essence.  Over 50 years, more than 100 international tours and over 2,000 performances throughout more than 300 cities in Europe, Asia and the Americas, the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba has been recipient to dozens of awards and has maintained and continued to evolve an aesthetic and an artistic style that is both deeply rooted in tradition and cutting edge in its purity and vision.  Enjoy a rare, intimate encounter with the entire company at a private rehearsal and receive a pure injection of Cuban culture.