Pinar del Rio Province

Pinar del Rio is Cuba’s westernmost province and is known for its breathtaking panoramas  and unique natural landscapes. The vast and diverse attractions that can be enjoyed in Pinar del Rio range from exploring caves that are archeological sites covered in ancient indigenous drawings; prehistoric natural phenomena seen nowhere else on Earth such as the “mogotes”; lush and verdant landscapes of tobacco and sugarcane. Tropical flora and fauna are remarkably  abundant; pristine coral reefs offer the best diving in the world and, once  a year when the wind is just right, you get the best surf in Cuba. The natural beauty of Pinar del Rio is only surpassed by the old world charm of its towns and its people.  Home to Cuba’s great farming legacy, where tobacco and sugar are king there remain the vestiges of a provincial elegance steeped in tradition.  A day trip to UNESCO Heritage sight of Valle Vinales, 2.5 hours through Cuba’s exceptionally fertile and beautiful countryside, can be an unforgettable experience, but 2 more hours westward and you reach the peninsula of Cabo San Antonio, an UNESCO biosphere reserve whose nearest landmass is the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.