Pinar del Rio City

The capital of the province, Pinar del Rio City, is the 10th largest city in Cuba and was founded by the Spaniards, but archaeological finds uncovered that the area was inhabited by nomadic indians, the Gaunahatabeys, who were extinct by the time the conquistadors arrived in 1492.  It wasn’t until the 1550’s that the Canary Islanders who had migrated to Cuba began developing the city at the center of what was becoming a booming tobacco industry from the many tobacco plantations surrounding the city.  By the mid 1800s, Europeans were hooked on the fragrant weed and the region flourished. Sea routes opened up and the railways were extended to facilitate the shipping of the perishable product. Pinar del Rio is known to be the Mecca of Tobacco. The city has a rich and deep history, both cultural and social and maintains an aura of rural aristocracy from centuries past.  There’s a vast variety of attractions such as museums, historical sites, cathedrals, tobacco factories and more.  The lush and verdant landscapes surrounding it are only another of the many attractions that lead you to this lovely rural city.