Holguin City

Cuba’s fourth largest city, after Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Camaguey, was founded in 1545 and named for Spanish conquistador, Captain Garcia Holguin.  This colonial city, with stimulating museums in16th century colonial structures is the capital city of what were the first Cuban landscapes seen by Christopher Columbus as he approached the great island.  The history of Holguin is vast and spans six centuries, making it a host city to an inordinate amount of monuments, lively public squares and historic plazas -- so many that it is called “the city of parks”.  Near Holguin you can visit the farm where Fidel and Raul Castro grew up or view the only known gold figurine created by Cuban aboriginals in nearby Banes.  Holguin is also only a short drive from pristine beaches and natural parks running over  with tropical bounty  and challenging outdoor adventures.


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