Eastern Havana

Among the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering is the sleek tunnel that traverses the Bay of Havana from Habana Vieja (Old Havana) to Habana del Este (Eastern Havana).  Prior to the completion of the tunnel in 1958, the many miles around the great bay to the other side had to be travelled by road.  The tunnel made it possible to cross the harbor in minutes and be at the historic fishing village of Cojimar or the pristine, clear turquoise beaches of the Playas del Este in a fraction of the time.  The charming village of Cojimar was made internationally recognized by novelist Ernest Hemingway whose love for Cuba and fishing is a historic fact and who made this town the setting for his Nobel Prize winning novel, The Old Man and the Sea.  This is where his world-famous fishing boat, El Pilar, was docked through his death in 1961.  The beaches of Havana, that begin only 20 minutes to the east of the city, are knowns as The Playas del Este. These palm-shaded, white powder sand, pristine beaches have always been a favorite for locals and foreigners alike.


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