City of Matanzas

Known as the “Venice of Cuba”, Matanzas is one of the most historically diverse and culturally rich cities in Cuba, known for its poets, culture and Afro-Cuban folklore. This historical city’s name, Matanzas, means “massacre”, and was named for a slaughter of Spanish soldiers trying to reach an aboriginal camp. By far, one of Cuba’s most emblematic cities, it is a tribute to 19th century architecture, with palaces and large parks and plazas surrounded by neoclassical structures, churches and museums.  The magnificent bay that Matanzas grew around, with three rivers flowing into it, make the city a natural location for industry, although they also offered the perfect conditions to be the primary port for the African slave trade.  The city is traversed by three rivers crossed by 17 bridges throughout the that allow for the circulation of pedestrians and vehicles. This lovely, quiet city that stretches along the edge of a huge bay invites visitors to come and see its rich cultural wealth.


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